Online proctoring experimentation at the university of Caen

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Online proctoring experimentation at the university of Caen

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After online courses, online exams? The University of Caen (Normandy) experimented for two years with online proctoring of exams. Pierre Beust, director of the university multimedia education center and member of the OP4RE project, discusses their experiences and challenges for the EducPros conference on Thursday, October 19, 2017, aimed at digital transformation.
The University of Caen  focuses on students in distance learning. Since the early 2000s, thanks to e-learning, these courses have undergone a huge change of paradigm and method. While e-learning has grown, its evaluation is still a problem. Often students, enrolled in these courses, must pass the examinations at the institution where they are registered. For some of these students, it’s just impossible to get to the university …
In 2015-2016 the first experiments were conducted with remote evaluation of students through online proctoring. 189 examinations were conducted in three different experiments. The proctoring was done through Proctor U, an American company.
The first results are positive. The pass rates for these exams are similar to the pen and paper exam. No cases of fraud were found and 90% of students said that passing the exam through online proctoring is less stressful than a “normal” exam.
Curious about more? Read the full article in English or in French.

Click here to see a short video or an interview with Pierre Buest about proctoring at CAEN University.

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