Update on IO 5: Privacy

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Update on IO 5: Privacy

Category : Dissemination

Outline of IO5

In order to guarantee privacy in international online proctored (op) remote examinations (first for experiments, later also for Bachelor and Master), we need lawyer proofed, EU compliant contract templates, all kind of agreement forms and guidelines for examinees and tester, not only to be compliant but also to convince all OP4RE stakeholders, like accreditation agencies and data protection officers.

Current situation

First task was to find out, which info (inside which documents) we need in order to fulfill our goals. Therefore two privacy impact assessments have been performed. The identified documents are risk acceptance forms, data classification and processing agreements, privacy policies. Furthermore guidelines and templates for legal notice, consent texts, and privacy statements are required.

Next step was to collect such information from different sources, which are data protection experts, EU regulations, and already existing material from all OP4RE partners as best practice templates. Now, we are in the middle of the info consolidation phase.

Planning of year 2

The finalization of documents for review is followed by a fine tuning by all OP4RE partners. In parallel, the experiments will start. The goal is to compare paper-based onsite and op offsite examinations (especially at home).

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