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Can institutions of higher education, test providers and proctoring solution providers simply record and store a student’s video and data when making exams? Obviously not. What EU-wide regulations concerning privacy apply in online testing situations and how can institutions and proctoring solution providers comply with these regulations


How can secure and reliable exams be achieved? How does security compare to regular residential examination procedures? Does online proctoring need to be much more secure and reliable than residential exams? What kinds of insecurities can be identified and how can these be mitigated?


For what kinds of exams and target groups does online proctoring provide valid and worthwhile examination opportunities. How can online proctoring support access to higher education throughout the European higher education system.

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Desk research relevant articles

The deskresearch phase unveiled both interesting scientific, professional as well as general information and documents. We will present a few of them here. Behind the Webcam’s Watchful Eye The Chronicle of Higher Education published an interesting article about the proctors at ProctorU: Behind the Webcam’s Watchful Eye, Online Proctoring Takes Hold. Author Kolowich provides a

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Newsletter 5

On May 9th 2017 we organized our first online reach-out session. It was a rich learning experience, both on content level as on organizational level. The technology let us down, but we’ll take this as a working point to our next reach-out session. We hope to welcome more of our associated partners the next time. The

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Online Proctoring Systems Compared

In March 2013, David Foster Caveon of Caveon and  Harry Layman of The College Board published an article comparing in quite some depth various online proctoring systems. On the last pages they present some overall findings in which they distinghuis what system would be needed for the height of the stakes of the exams. Very

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Reach out session 1 – 9th of May 2017

On May 9th 2017 we organized our first online reach-out session. We invited our associated partners. It was a rich learning experience, both on the content as on the organizational level. The technology let us down, but we’ll take this as a working point to our next reach-out session. We started with an explanation of the

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E-Assessment: commissioning, implementing and delivering

Daniel haven and amanda Jefferies represented the OP4RE project today at the 15th annual E-Assessment conference and exhibition. The focus of this conference was on hwo computer based assessment have grown significantly since the early days of automatic test publishing and certification. We have seen developments like paperless examination projects, e-proctoring, open badges, social media,

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Newsletter 4

The anticipated complexity of privacy and data protection is surfacing as is shown in the flow chart below. For any institution wanting to start to use online proctoring one should consider the concept of Privacy by Design. This flow chart can be of assistance in designing processes and agreements with that goal. So, after identifying

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VU education day

Today Silvester Draaijer and Daniel Haven presented the OP4RE project at the VU education day. The topic of this mini-conference was the Gross Academic Value. How do the three central concepts of social connectedness, competence and sense of autonomy play a role  in motivation and in education? What are these concepts and how can they

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Newsletter 3

Dear Associate Partner of the Erasmus+ project OP4RE, Following the first transnational meeting of October 25 and 26, the OP4RE Project Management Group is progressing in the development of the project. For each of the 5 Intellectual Outputs (IO), more detailed plans are under construction. The project members that are concerned with privacy and security

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Presentation of the OP4RE project

Today Silvester Draaijer presented the setup of the OP4RE project for the Special Interest Group Digital Assessment (SIGDT) and the SURF Foundation. During this boar meeting many of the aspect, goals, and aspirations of the project were discussed. Especially with regard to the future use for EU digital assessment.

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Conference: The Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference

At this conference Sabine Bottin-Rousseau and Daniel Haven presented the OP4RE project. Information about their presentation and the rest of the conference on creating online higher education can be found: https://tinyurl.com/ya3nttna https://conference.eadtu.eu/images/Proceedings/Conference_proceedings_2016_defcompressed2.pdf

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Newsletter 2

Last October 25 and 26, the OP4RE Project Management Group, additional staff from the participating institutions and a number of invited speakers gathered at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for their first transnational meeting. The agenda for the meeting can be found on the project’s website http://onlineproctoring.eu under PROJECT PAGES -> TRANSNATIONAL MEETINGS The meeting was

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Newsletter 1

The Erasmus+ (E+) project Online Proctoring for Remote Examination (OP4RE) was approved by the Dutch E+ Agency during the summer break. The selection committee of E+ was impressed by the number of Associate Partners for the project, which emphasized the importance of the project. Therefore, we would like to thank the Associate Partners for their

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