Overview Dissemination Activities for the OP4RE project

In total the OP4RE project sent out 11 News Letters for the Associate Partners. The letters can be found HERE.

28 Separate dissemination activities were carried out as listed below.

Country Name of Dissemination Presenter Conference name Date More information
NL Inter universitary meeting regarding Online Proctoring, Erasmus University Kris Stabel 9/5/2016
FR Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris: Information Meeting about online proctoring and ProctorExam before starting experiments at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris Sabine Bottin-Rousseau, Daniel Haven 12/15/2016
NL bEURS online: Erasmus University Internal meeting Kris Stabel 1/1/2017
NL Vrije Universiteit: Presentation OP4RE project at VU Education day, feb 2017 Silvester Draaijer, Daniel Haven 2/9/2017
UK – Int Delivering secure online proctored remote assessments: the Erasmus+ funded OP4RE project Daniel Haven, Amanda Jefferies UK e-Assessment Conference 2017 3/22/2017 http://www.e-assessment-question.com/
FR Examens télé-surveillés par webcam au domicile de l’étudiant Pierre BEUST, Isabelle DUCHATELLE, Valérie CAUCHARD QPES Conference 2017 6/1/2017 https://www.conftool.net/colloque-pedagogie-2017/index.php?page=browseSessions&search=beust
NL SURF foundation/ SURF net – Special Interest Group Digital Assessment (SIGDT) – OP4RE project set-up and aims presentation at SURF SIG DT board meeting Silvester Draaijer 9/1/2017
UK – Int Innovative Practice Relating to Examination in Distance Learning Pierre BEUST, Isabelle DUCHATELLE EADTU Conference 2017 10/1/2017 https://conference.eadtu.eu/images/Proceedings/Conference_proceedings_2016_defcompressed2.pdf
Sp – Int Online Proctoring for Remote Examination: A State of Play in Higher Education in the EU Silvester Draaijer, Amanda Jefferies and others 20th International Conference, TEA 2017, Barcelona, Spain, October 5–6, 2017, Revised Selected Papers 10/6/2017 https://link-springer-com.vu-nl.idm.oclc.org/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-97807-9_8
Ca – Int Online Proctoring : Experimentation fo Remote Examination in E-learning Programs Pierre Beust, Sabine Bottin-Rousseau ICDE Conference 2017, World Conference on Online Learning, Toronto, Canada 11/1/2017 http://onlinelearning2017.ca/en/search-results/?_sft_presenter_name=beust
NL Online beveiligd toetsen binnen nu en 5 jaar SURF Onderwijsdagen 2017 SURF Onderwijsdagen 11/8/2017
Fr Presentation OP4RE project Daniel Haven, Silvester Draaijer, Pierre Beust, Sabine Bottin-Rousseau, Jean-Marc Meunier International Colloquium Organized By The Interuniversity Federation Of Distance Education (fied) With The Support Of The Ministry Of Higher Education, Research And Innovation.

The OP4RE project won the Jury Prize

12/14/2017 https://cified2017.sciencesconf.org/
Ger – Int Rechtssichere Online-Prüfungen zu Hause, in English: Legally compliant online exams at home. Michael Fuchs 27th LEARNTEC conference 1/1/2018 https://www.learntec.de/en/
NL SURF Toetstweedaagse on Online Proctoring Silvester Draaijer 3/7/2018
NL Presentation for Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Student Panel Silvester Draaijer 4/12/2018
NL Presentation for CDFD exam board (Center for Professionalisation of the Financial Industry) Silvester Draaijer 6/18/2018
UK – Int Presentation OP4RE project Daniel Haven TeSLA conference on e-assessment 10/25/2018
Fr OP4RE in News Tank Exclusif Daniel Haven, Silvester Draaijer News Tank Exclusif 11/21/2018 https://www.onlineproctoring.eu/en/dissemination/dissemination-dissemination/op4re-in-new-tank-exclusif/
Online – Int Online Conference by the League of European Research Universities (LERU) – Silvester Draaijer 11/27/2018 https://www.onlineproctoring.eu/en/dissemination/dissemination-dissemination/online-conference-by-leru/
NL – Int Online Proctoring for Remote Examination:
Coping with students’ anxiety and concerns when using online proctoring for the first time
Silvester Draaijer, Gwendoline Somers 21st International Conference, TEA 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 10–11, 2018 12/11/2018 https://www.dropbox.com/home/werkmap/TEA%20Conference%202018%20Amsterdam/Presentation%20Files%20TEA2018/Posters?preview=TEA2018_paper_9.pdf
NL – Int A lawful basis for online proctoring Youssef Fouad, Arno Lodder, Jessica Hrudey, Silvester Draaijer 21st International Conference, TEA 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 10–11, 2019 12/11/2018 https://www.dropbox.com/home/werkmap/TEA%20Conference%202018%20Amsterdam/Presentation%20Files%20TEA2018/Posters?preview=TEA2018_paper_32.pdf
NL – Int Remote monitoring of examinations at the student’s home in French university distance learning Sabine Bottin-Rousseau, Pierre Beust 21st International Conference, TEA 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 10–11, 2020 12/11/2018
NL – Int The effect of implementation barriers in remote online proctored examination: A randomized controlled trial in Dutch higher education Nicolette van Halem, Chris van Klaveren & Ilja Cornelisz 21st International Conference, TEA 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 10–11, 2021 12/11/2018
NL, Be Risbo was invited by the NVAO (the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation) to provide a workshop on Online Proctoring at the Peer learning Event in Antwerp.
Present were about 30 policy staff from the Netherlands and Flanders.
Kris Stabel, Mandy Hollander 11/12/2018
UK – Int Multiplier Event OP4RE project at the University of Hertfordshire All members 06/28/2019 https://www.onlineproctoring.eu/en/dissemination/dissemination-dissemination/last-tnm-and-preparation-multiplier-event/ and https://www.onlineproctoring.eu/en/dissemination/dissemination-dissemination/multiplier-event-impressions/
Be – Int Poster presentation Mitigating students’ anxiety and concerns when using online proctoring for the first time Silvester Draaijer Nacada International Conference 2019 Hasselt 10/7/2019 https://www.onlineproctoring.eu/en/dissemination/dissemination-dissemination/op4re-poster-presentation-nacada-conference-hasselt/
Na Start Report – A report on the current state of online proctoring practices in Higher Education within the EU and an outlook for OP4RE activities Online Proctoring for Remote Examination Draaijer, S., Jefferies, A., Beust, P., Somers, G., Haven, D., Stabel, K., Van Die-sen, M., Barton, K., Stilianos, V. https://www.onlineproctoring.eu/en/intellectual-outputs/
UK – Int ‘Trialling Online Proctoring for E-assessments: Early Outcomes from the Erasmus+ OP4RE Project’ Jefferies, A., Barton, K., Meere, J., Peramungama, S., Pyper, A., & Yip, A. Proceedings of 16th European Conference for E-Learning (ECEL) 2017, Reading, UK, ACPI pp. 221-228
NL – Int Supporting online distance learners taking assessments: reviewing the options for remote invigilation. Jefferies, A., Barton, K., Meere, J., Pyper, A., & Yip, A. (2018) 21st International Conference, TEA 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 10–11, 2021 12/11/2018



Online conference by LERU

Thematic Group e-learning of the League of European Universities (LERU) organized an online conference on e-learning developments.

The Blended Conference comprises a‘virtual’ online pre-conference and a ‘face to face’ event in Utrecht. The aims of the conference were to build a network of expertise, to seek cooperation, to share and develop ideas and practical solutions about digital education and develop recommendations and guidelines. In the online pre-conference, Sabina Bottin (UPMC Paris) and Silvester Draaijer (VU Amsterdam), members of the OP4RE team, provided a session on ‘E-certification – Online proctoring for VE’ on 27 November 2018. They explained the goals and intermediate results of the OP4RE project and engaged in discussion with experts from various countries. Watch the video (1:03).

Multiplier Event: June 28th 2019

We invite all our Associate partners to join us as we share the final outcomes from our 3-year Online Proctoring for Remote Examinations (OP4RE), an Erasmus+ funded project.

Identified by our commercial partner, ProctorExam, as currently the ‘largest global research project into online assessment’, the outcomes from OP4RE are expected to set the standard  for online proctoring and offer a significant contribution to the field of delivering safe and secure online examinations. The outcomes are relevant not just to other European countries and our EU funders, but will be of broader international interest as well.

On June 28th the OP4RE partners will be sharing recommendations relating to the following areas of conducting online examinations:

  • Assuring proper Accreditation for online examinations
  • Managing a secure remote examination environment;
  • The development of Rule books according to European legislation remote proctoring,
  • Building an excellent Student experience of online proctored examination
  • And ensuring the Privacy of student data throughout the proctoring and assessment process

Booking: Places are limited for this event and we expect much interest from the wider education environment. Booking will open at the end of March 2019 for our Associate Partners exclusively, before it is opened more widely to other interested parties. Initially we will allow up to 2 delegates from each Associate Partner to register. More details are on the OP4RE website which will be updated regularly.

Location: The location of the OP4RE multiplier event is ‘The Fielder Conference Centre’, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK.

Hatfield is straightforward to access by train from London within 30 minutes, including via the Eurostar, and it is easily accessible from local motorways by car. It is convenient for Luton airport and there are transport connections via London to the other London airports.

There are local hotels to suit all budgets and this semi-rural area of Hertfordshire offers many historic towns and tourist sites for those who can stay for a longer visit.

Interested to attend this event?  Leave your contact details here.

OP4RE-project @ TEA Conference 2018

On December 10th and 11th, 2018 several colleagues from the OP4RE project attended the TEA Conference in Amsterdam.

Amanda Jefferies presented in a paper session on: Support online distance learners taking assessments: reviewing the options for remote vigilation.
Pierre Beust explained more about online proctoring in France: Remote monitoring of examinations at the students’ home in French university distance learning.

In addition, 2 posters were presented:

OP4RE in News Tank Exclusif

Silvester Draaijer and Daniel Haven comment on online proctoring of remote examinations, as a tool for long-term change and the OP4RE-project in News Tank Exclusif.

The Erasmus+OP4RE research project is dedicated to studying the deployment of remote examination monitoring solutions. “This European consortium makes it possible to move the boundaries: we create documentation on practices for institutions and the professionals concerned.”

Silvester frames the origin of the project. “OP4RE is an Erasmus+ project which started in 2016. Its objective is to use technological advances to improve citizens’ access to higher education and to seek to modernise education and training. In this sense, remote monitoring of exams helps to improve access to a wide variety of targets for existing and potential students, by providing them with opportunities to study from a distance and take their exams from a distance. This is the concept of “any time, anywhere” for taking  an exam.”

Proctor Exam was involved in this project from the beginning. Other members, forming the strategic board of this project, are, : the Free University of Amsterdam, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, University of Hertfordshire, Hasselt University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Sciences, FIED (Fédération interuniversitaire d’enseignement à distance), in addition to 20 Associate Partners from across Europe.

The project is still in the experimental stage. Several countries are developing initiatives on the subject to meet a need that is identified and awaiting a response.

Daniel Haven states: “Quite clearly, the countries with the most advanced markets are those where a company offering a remote test monitoring service is located. We see this with the example of the Netherlands, but it is also the case with Spain, which has Smowl. A company that is present works the market, informs it of trends and pursues a communication logic to support the structuring of the offer. In France, it is a little different, it is the FIED that plays this role.”

ProctorExam is the only Edtech company that is a strategic partner of the European consortium OP4RE. It’s Daniel’s opinion that the market is facing the need to build its long-term vision to take into account digital transformation.

It costs 10€ to have a supervisor supervise one hour of a student’s exam. Therefore, justifying your investment for mass use is difficult. Don’t you think that remote monitoring of exams is destined to remain in a niche market? Silvester Draaijer: “This is a question that was raised in our working group, even if OP4RE does not have the  solution to answer this problem in the immediate future, because it also depends on market players.”

What about fraud? In Silvester Draaijer’s opinion, remote monitoring of exams is more fraud-resistant than traditional monitoring, due to the control process itself.  The simultaneous recording of the various video channels, including that of the student’s computer screen, makes it possible to ensure that the candidate’s activity is recorded during and after the test.

A potential barrier concerns confidentiality in the processing of personal data. This is the subject of the group’s working seminar in Paris, on 05/10/2018. “Remote monitoring creates the processing of personal and sensitive data that must be analysed and monitored. It is in this sense that we will work with these specialists in the subject, who themselves are in contact with the Cnil. Imagine all the scenarios used to define the processing operations. We also invited a consultant from PricewaterhouseCoopers, who specializes in data legislation. The work on impact assessments under the DGPS should make it possible to standardise practices in the European Union, bearing in mind that we must also take into account certain legal provisions that are specific to each Member State because of the margin left since the entry into law of the European Regulation.

Another working issue for OP4RE concerns data transit situations between countries within and outside the EU, or with students from outside Europe. At the moment, we must imagine all the possible scenarios of use in order to define the approach to take  as precisely as possible.”

Within the European consortium it is possible to develop new boundaries and to create documentation on practices for institutions and the professionals concerned.