E-Assessment: commissioning, implementing and delivering

Daniel haven and amanda Jefferies represented the OP4RE project today at the 15th annual E-Assessment conference and exhibition. The focus of this conference was on hwo computer based assessment have grown significantly since the early days of automatic test publishing and certification. We have seen developments like paperless examination projects, e-proctoring, open badges, social media, BYOD, the growth of e-portfolios, the proliferation of question types, the rise of government initiatives and policies following FELTAG, Sainsbury and Curriculum changes, the expectations of digital natives and rapid changes in technology.

The path has been slow and inexorable but hardly smooth, the need to manage risk and costs as important as drive for innovation and the expectations of the users.

The focus for the 15th annual international e-Assessment Question was on the practical issues of commissioning, implementing and delivering e-Assessment solutions.

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VU education day

Today Silvester Draaijer and Daniel Haven presented the OP4RE project at the VU education day. The topic of this mini-conference was the Gross Academic Value. How do the three central concepts of social connectedness, competence and sense of autonomy play a role  in motivation and in education? What are these concepts and how can they be used to design curricula and courses?

To address this topic Daniel Haven and Silvester Draaijer presented the added value that online proctoring can offer both the traditional and modern eudcational setting.

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Presentation of the OP4RE project

Today Silvester Draaijer presented the setup of the OP4RE project for the Special Interest Group Digital Assessment (SIGDT) and the SURF Foundation. During this boar meeting many of the aspect, goals, and aspirations of the project were discussed. Especially with regard to the future use for EU digital assessment.