IO2: An update on security and anti-fraud legislation protocols

IO2: An update on security and anti-fraud legislation protocols

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The work at the University of Hertfordshire has continued from the activities outlined in the annual report written for 2016-17 for IO2, with a focus on developing and refining a risk assessment document for online proctoring.

Currently the team is researching with a group of campus-based and trained proctors employed by our university with the aim of developing a set of guidelines for training online proctors. The team has designed a variety of methods for investigating proctoring approaches for invigilating online examinations. These are:

  1. Showing a ‘Record and Review’ scenario to a group of current proctors, followed by a guided discussion in a focus group to discuss the points they would raise as potentially suspicious behaviour from students. This was a largely reflective and qualitative study undertaken in August/September 2017
  2. A blended mixed methods approach using a campus-taught module with an online assessment is planned for early 2018. This will use a live student authentication session followed by a Record and Review mode for the assessment, with the same group of proctors retrospectively reviewing the process and identifying any potential ‘pinch points’.
  3. Thirdly, a complete ‘Live proctored’ session will be reviewed by our group of campus-trained proctors, this is planned for later in 2018.

Using recorded ‘live scenarios’ helps us to further understand what the trained and experienced invigilators/proctors in a campus-based situation are looking for when invigilating an assessment and thus where the threats to secure online assessment which is free of cheating might be.

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