Newsletter 8

Newsletter 8

Category : Dissemination

June 28th, 2018

The project is continuing in a steady pace. More and more proctored exams are being organised by the partners. We are gaining more experience which contributes to the development of guidelines, rulebooks etc.

In this regard, Fontys University of Applied Sciences developed an instruction video for students, to inform them about what it is like to take an online proctored exam, how it works, which data are recorded,… You’ll find this videos on our website. They conducted several small scale pilots (with a large scale pilot coming up, with over 100 participating students). One thing they have learned, is that it is essential to properly prepare students regarding what to expect and how the system operates. They have seen that this prevents a lot of possible issues and makes the experience much more relaxed for students, given that basically almost all their questions regarding the system have been answered before they start the ProctorExam procedure.

On Thursday April 12th, Silvester Draaijer and Robin van der Wiel presented the OP4RE project and the concept of online proctored exams to the VU University’s student panel. As an introduction to the topic, the students watched a video made by ProctorExam in order to understand how the system works. Students quickly started thinking critically about online proctoring and asked questions such as “is someone going to watch all of the video footage?”, “how is my video footage processed?” and “why are toilet breaks not allowed during the online proctored exam?”. Read more about this on our website.

At Hasselt University some new proctored exams were set up. Three students of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, on foreign internship, took one of their exams of the master programme via ProctorExam. For these students, taking a ProctorExam abroad provided both time- and financial savings. In addition, the master of Statistics organised a try-out exam via ProctorExam for one of their courses, both for on-campus as distance students. In this way they already gained a first experience with distance exams. Both groups were enthusiastic about the opportunities ProctorExam offers.

In previous Newsletters the OP4RE project announced to develop an online mathematics proficiency (eligibility) test in partnership with the Dutch e-learning company SOWISO. SOWISO developed the platform PassYourMath for this purpose. The offering of this test as a pilot has started at the beginning of May 2018. The development of this initiative shows that online proctoring serves the goal of increasing access to higher education well and shows the feasibility of the applied procedures and technologies. In the upcoming year the pilot will be scaled up. Interested in more?

The project partners from Risbo had a good meeting with the NVAO about online proctoring and accreditation. Continuing the previous conversations, in May the colleagues from Risbo met with NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the VU attended via Skype. The NVAO is interested in the developments in online education especially as the current shifts from within the field of education are challenging the existing approaches of the establishment principle and macro efficiency principles. Read more about this meeting on our website. 

In March 2018 the University of Hertfordshire project team, in the person of Dr. Stilianos Vidalis and his associates, set up the means to test the potential for illegal penetration of the ProctorExam website. During a 24 hour period, intense and persistent attempts were then made to access the ProctorExam servers illegally but no unauthorised access was possible, the denial of service attack was not successful and no information leakage was detected. Want to know more about this? Check our website.

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