OP4RE – ProctorExam and the Mathematics online Eligibility test 2018

Managing a diverse stream of incoming domestic or international students can be a real challenge for universities. That is why, in partnership with several Dutch universities, SOWISO will start offering upcoming first-year students an online mathematics test to show that their mastering of mathematics is sufficient to be eligible for enrollment.

To make sure that there’s no cheating, the test will be proctored with the help of ProctorExam and OP4RE; this means students will be monitored during the test.

The content of the test was constructed by a small group of university mathematics teaching experts to converge to a test that has broad acceptance with respect to validity and reliability in the Netherlands. The offering of this test as pilot has started at the beginning of may 2018. More details: take a look at our website.

Currently, the first candidates have taken this online test. Expressed in numbers we now see the following:

  • About 80 students of the Vrije Universiteit were offered the option to take either a mathematics eligibility test in the Netherlands or online.
  • About 35 students expressed their interest to take this test on the online platform of PassYourMath
  • About 20 students registered to take the online preparation modules for the test to become accustomed to the platform (content and level of difficulty of questions, method of entering answers).
  • About 10 students registered to take the online proctored test so far. About half of them had some kind of difficulty in setting up the test correctly. It turned out that because of some internet restriction imposed by the country in which the candidate resided, it was not always possible to use the webcam.
  • Not a single case of suspected fraud was identified. All students were issued a Certificate of Achievement by PassYourMath.
  • About 7 of these students achieved a sufficient score set as threshold for eligibility.
  • The first Certificate has now been verified as means to grant a student access to the Vrije Universiteit.

The development of this initiative shows that online proctoring serves well the goal of increasing access to higher education. This is exactly the main goal of the Erasmus funding. No processes have yet been automated with respect to registering students and have student sign-on the PassYourMath and ProctorExam with one account. This pilot however shows the demand by prospective students for online proctoring. The development also shows the feasibility of the applied procedures and technologies. In the upcoming year the pilot will be scaled up.

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