OP4RE talks with NVAO about accreditation          

OP4RE talks with NVAO about accreditation          

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Continuing our previous conversations, in May we met with NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the VU attended via Skype. The NVAO is interested in the developments in online education especially as the current shifts from within the field of education are challenging the existing approaches of the establishment principle and macro efficiency principles. Online education is still seen as an addition to campus-based education, this is legally defined by law. Fully online offered educational programs can in the meanwhile not be accredited. Even an online offered master program via MOOC the testing takes place on campus.

Creating change in the current approach to education is possible. In case there is sufficient support from educational institutes who are developing innovative initiatives, changes in the field of education can take place. New programs and courses are approved by commissions. The NVAO is involved in the case of the program, whereas with courses external commissions are involved such as Quanu. It is advisable to check the expertise of the commission connects the course content.

Further, there are conventions about developments in education on European level. In the course of this year a report from the ENQUA is likely to be published. For now, the NVAO suggests to check the TeSLA project for current developments in Europe.

Both Risbo and NVAO want to continue the pleasant cooperation continue these conversations about the current developments that are emerging form the educational field. Thus, OP4RE is invited for an e-learning day in November during which developments in online education will be discussed, the Dutch ministery is invited to attend.

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