Reflections TEA Conference 2017

Session Silvester Draaijer, Amanda Jefferies and Gwendoline Somers

Online Proctoring for Remote Examination: A State of Play in Higher Education in the EU

Silvester Draaijer, project leader of the OP4RE project, presented the paper ‘Online Proctoring for Remote Examination: A State of Play in Higher Education in the EU’ during the international Technology Enhanced Assessment conference of 8 and 9 oktober 2017.

After the presentation, Silvester Draaijer, together with representatives of the Erasmus TeSLA project and Smowltech entered into a round table discussion. The discussion were conducted in a number of small groups in which several themes were discussed. In particular, themes were discussed concerning the question of whether online proctoring should be more secure than face-to-face proctoring. How secure is face-to-face proctoring? Further, conference attendants agreed very much with the identified target groups of candidates that are in line with the long term intended outcomes of the Erasmus programme to increase access to higher education.

Also, issues were discussed regarding technologies for integration and how TeSLA functionalities could work in combination with online proctoring. Also, discussions focussed on the differences in cultures in the Southern European Countries and the United States in contrast to Europe.

– Silvester Draaijer

The pre-conference proceedings with the paper included can be found here:

The Powerpoint presentation can be found here:

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