In the News

In the news

LearningLight discusses the current global market for online proctoring – also known as remote invigilation – and its future impact on elearning and computer based assessment.

University of Caen, Pierre Beust (who is member of OP4RE) describes experiments with online proctoring (French)

Manon Bonefaas of Andriessen (Associate Partner) gives some good critiques of online proctoring. She identifies one specific vulnerability of the system though. Andriessen Blog (Dutch).

Online Proctoring a good idea?

Online proctoring at the University of Amsterdam. ICTO blog University of Amsterdam (Dutch).

What has online proctoring to offer? SURF blog (Dutch).

Seminar Online Proctoring. SURF event (Dutch).

5 reasons for choosing remote proctoring, SURF blog. (Dutch).

Experience of the TU Delft with remote online proctoring (Dutch).

Discussing OP4RE