Intellectual Outputs

Finally, they are ready. After three years of the collaborative effort, the OP4RE project delivered its final Intellectual Outputs.

IO1. Accreditation Communicates the main conclusion regarding the relationship between accreditation and online proctoring: it is all about monitoring and reporting the process of (remote) examination.

Communicates easily to use Posters to explain the main takeaways for higher education institutes that want to orient on online proctoring.

IO2. Security Communicates best practices to monitor the remote and proctored exam processes. The goal is to safeguard that the HEI is in control of mitigating threats to exams being vulnerable to fraud and security risks.
IO3. Guide Book Communicates best practices to start piloting and move forward to upscaling the implementation of the remote and proctored exam process at HEIs.
IO4. Student Experience Communicates results and best practices to optimize the student experience of online remote proctored exams.
IO5. Privacy Communicates best-practices to conduct privacy and security. 

Documents, Guidelines, Example materials


As a general state-of-the-art indicator to guide the project, a Start Report was developed. In the Start Report, the current use of online remote proctoring in higher education in the partner countries was described. The Start Report can be found here.