Newsletter 1

The Erasmus+ (E+) project Online Proctoring for Remote Examination (OP4RE) was approved by the Dutch E+ Agency during the summer break. The selection committee of E+ was impressed by the number of Associate Partners for the project, which emphasized the importance of the project. Therefore, we would like to thank the Associate Partners for their support.

As a very first step, the team put up a website to post the public preliminary information regarding the project, the activities and the intended outcomes: We invite you to visit the website and leave any comments.

The Project Management Group (PMG) of OP4RE is now working on detailing their plans. As an important step, the PGM will gather for their first transnational Kick-off meeting on October 25 and 26 in Amsterdam, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. If you have any input for the PGM to discuss, please let us know.

Following that meeting, we will inform you further about the project and will involve you to ensure that the project delivers it’s intended outputs and ensures wide dissemination of the project’s results.

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