Newsletter 5

On May 9th 2017 we organized our first online reach-out session. It was a rich learning experience, both on content level as on organizational level. The technology let us down, but we’ll take this as a working point to our next reach-out session. We hope to welcome more of our associated partners the next time.

The reach-out started with an explanation of the design of the OP4RE project and of the content of the Start Report. After this explanation of the OP4RE by project coordinator Silvester Draaijer, Daniel Haven, from ProctorExam, showed their proctoring tool. After this introduction, 3 partners explained about their first experiences with online proctoring. First Michiel van Diesen (Fontys, the Netherlands) shared their experience with online proctoring. Then Pierre Beust (FIED, France) highlighted the experiments of home proctor exams at the University of Caen. From Belgium we invited VIVES University College, department of Distance Education. They have a long tradition of distance learning and they work with ProctorExam to deliver some 1000 of online exams annually. In order to support this amount of online tests to be taken, VIVES has dedicated staff to plan, administer and proctor the exams. For more information and presentations, we refer to the OP4RE website.

In the coming months we will continue to work on intellectual outputs and more experiments will be set up. As we go on, we experience that we differ from our planning, due to the fact that the IOs regarding Accreditation and Privacy do not lend themselves very well for strict linear project planning. Maybe some shifts will be made during the second Transnational Meeting on October in Darmstadt. Concerning the previously mentioned issues with privacy and data protection, we continue our quest. The exact rules and practices to comply with high sensitive personal digital data are far from clear yet. Further, ProctorExam has made a new partnership with the “Associatie voor Examinering”, which was already an Associate partner of the OP4RE project. We start more intensive discussions with them for collaboration.


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