OP4RE @ TEA conference Amsterdam

For the upcoming international Technology Enhanced Assessment conference 2018 (TEA2018), the OP4RE project had four succesful submissions. The first submission is a practice poster by Gwendoline Somers and Silvester Draaijer about Coping with students’ anxiety and concerns when using online proctoring for the first time. The second submission is a practice poster by Silvester Draaijer, Arno Lodder, Jessica Hrudey and Youssef Fouad A lawful basis for online proctoring. Further a practice paper by Amanda Jefferies, Karen Barton, Andrew Pyper, Jonathan Meere, Amanda Yip, Stilianos Vidalis and Sulanie Peramunagama Support online distance learners taking assessments: reviewing the options for remote invigilation. Finally, a study by Nicolette van Halem, Chris van Klaveren and Ilja Cornelisz titled The effect of implementation barriers in remote online proctored examination: A randomized controlled trial in Dutch higher education’┬áwas accepted. We believe that the experiments that are conducted as part of the OP4RE project are gradually resulting in valuable outcomes for the wider scientific and practice assessment community. You can still register for the TEA2018 here http://www.teaconference.org/

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